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the Beeb
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Dedicated to light-hearted mockery of the BBC's online news service (particularly their regularly awful choice of stock photography) and other surreal online journalism.

The general format appears to be nicking photos from the site and recaptioning them as humorously as possible. For this reason, this is tending to be a relatively high-volume picture community - if you don't like your friends-list littered with images, you might not like us :)

Equally, if you contribute, please exercise a little restraint with frequency. Unless it's fucking funny, of course, then knock yourself out.

Feel free to make entire spoof articles, too, and please observe (approximately) the formatting of previous posts - linking to the original story for context is typical.

Again, for volume - if your post's related to previous post, by all means leave it as a comment rather than making a new top-post.

Rock on, newshounds.